Fence Mesh / Defence is produced with the wire mesh production techniques. This product is used in high security fence projects which are commonly applied on concrete walls.

Technical Specifications:

  • It has four standard dimensions (150x500-150x600-215x500-215x600 cm), 15 x 5, 5 cm mesh size and 5, 0 x 4, 5 mm wire diameter. Black-ribbed steel wire is used to produce defence.
  • Demma has a standard production for this product, and it is available in stock anytime during a year.
  • Because of the nature of black wire used as a raw material, Anti-rust and paint applications are advised to use on this product for longer product life cycle.
  • Besides the standard production of Defence with black-ribbed steel wire, Demma also can produce this product using black smooth (No Reformation) wire, pre-galvanized (min. 40-60 gr/m2 Zn) wire, or hot Dipped Galvanized (min. 450-500 gr/m2 Zn) wire.
  • Especially our hot dipped galvanized fence mesh is preferred by our clients because of its longer product life cycle without using neither anti-rust nor paint applications.

Fence Post: Black or galvanized box section or pipe section posts can be used.

Areas of Use:

Fence Mesh/ Defence is mainly used in parks, gardens, commercial or residential sites, and sports complexes.


Purchased mesh can be cut length or width wise and install directly or they can be framed with angle iron. The panels can be welded to the posts or they can be installed by using steel screws.

For example, when setting up a fence with a height of 100cm, generally meshes of 215x500 cm is needed to be purchased and cut (length wise) into two pieces to meet the purpose.






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