Mobilfence system offers variety of usage idea. You can apply this product anytime and anywhere. It is a portable security fence system which is very easy to install.

Demma is the first manufacturer of this type of fencing system in Turkey.

Technical Specifications:

  • Produced based on Turkish Standards (TSE), the product comes with flat surfaced welded wires (dia. 4 x 5 mm)
    and welded pipe section posts.
  • The coating of the product is hot dipped galvanized min. 450-500gr/m2 Zn.
  • One unit of mobilefence has a very light weight so it is very easy to carry from one place to another.
  • Hot dipped galvanization process makes this product rust free.
  • The product has an esthetic look, it is easy to install when its concrete footages are used and it does not damage the surface of the fence site because of its temporary installation system.
  • You can purchase mobilfence in two different heights (H: 120 cm and H: 200 cm) and with only one color (Zinc Gray) from our factory stocks. We can also produce mobilfence with different heights and different colors when requested.
  • Mobilfence can be purchased from us with canvas to not to expose inside of the fenced site.


Paint / Coating: Hot Dipped Galvanized (min. 450-500gr/m2 Zn)

Coating: Zinc Gray (all RAL colors are available)

Packing: Panels and Posts on Pallets

Post: Pipe section steel posts





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