Welded wire mesh is a prefabricated steel reinforcing material. It is manufactured from S220 cold drawn, ribbed and high yield
strength steel wires especially used in construction.

Welded Wire mesh can be produced in two different shapes based on their placement working principle
1. R Type meshes for one way placement.
2. Q Type meshes for dual way placement.


Technical Specifications:


Areas of Use:

As a construction material, welded wire mesh is used especially in reinforcing all sorts of concrete structures such as slabs, walls, webs, beams, column footing, highways, tunnels and galleries. However, apart from these, there are other available welded wire mesh types
which are used for garden fencing, safety railings and suspended ceilings. According to the customer demand, these can be manufactured as hot dipped galvanized and polyester painted.


The yield strength of wire mesh is 2.27 times higher than S220 steel and 1.19 times higher than S420 steel. In other words, our production of welded wire mesh provides economy in steel consumption up to 10%, in time and labor up to 25%.


The types of welded wire mesh to be used are calculated according to project moments and concrete grade. In compliance with the formwork, the reinforcement drawings are completed. In order not to mislead the type of the wire mesh, two plans, one called the bottom reinforcement drawing to meet the spacing effects and the other called the upper reinforcement drawing to meet the propping effects, are drawn. Moreover, within every reinforcement drawing, a wire mesh cutting plan is to provided to show the cutting points and
the dimensions required for the placement of the meshes, which are also necessary to calculate the amount of steel to be used.

Application projects of the wire mesh for every type of construction works and required technical support during their application is provided by Demma is free of charge.

Placing The Wire Mesh:

Wire Mesh Cutting Plan:

Over Lappings On Wire Mesh:

In practice, the wire mesh is placed as 3 eyelets (50cm.) in the carrier direction and as 2 eyelets (35cm.) in the distribution direction.

• On the edges of the wire mesh with double wires, reducing of side wires should be performed as: 3 eyelets in Q types and 2 eyelets in R types.
• Since the jutting of the transverse and longitudinal wires of the wire mesh are normally 10 cm and 17.5 cm, they can be easily inserted into beams and columns.
• In the concrete laid fields, depending on the cross sections of the wires, it shall be best suited if the wire meshes are over lapped minimum by two eyelets.

Using Prop Reinforcement Stand With Welded Wire Mesh:

Cross Section Calculation Based On Loading Capacity:

Standards and Specification Of Welded Wire Mesh Production:

Our production complies with Turkish Standards TS 4559 but our factory is well capable of producing according to DIN, BS and ASTM standards up on request. Standard sizes are normally held in stock are 2.15 m. by 5.00 m. According to the customer’s requirements, special dimensions can be manufactured but the order has to be above a certain quantity.


Besides the dimensions mentioned above, Demma is capable to produce customized welded wire mesh products.




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